Smart Proximity Beacon

The hardware on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which specifically allows commercial usage - as long as you mention the origin of our original design openly. 


You are free to manufacture the tags yourself. For that purpose you can find the schematics and hardware designs here.

You can decide to use our services for bulk orders and for custom hardware development based on this and other designs we created in the past. Any support for our project is highly appreciated and allows us to continue working on this great project.

... or get SOME FROM US

We have a limited amount of tags on stock right now. If you want to support our project by buying some tags, please send us an email to order up to 5 tags. The tag price will be probably around 25 USD per tag plus a flat USD 30 shipping fee. We are working on an nice online ordering process right now.

Beacon Hardware Design



The 3D printed tag Programmer design files will be released this week. You will get:

  • The DesignSpark Mechanical design files
  • Altium Designer Schematics and Layout for the Programmer
  • Programmer Design
  • Production Files (STL, OBJ)
  • The Bill of Materials